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The-Warehouse is now CLOSED!

Dear Warehouse Customer,   Unfortunately, and effective immediately, The-Warehouse is CLOSED.  It is a short and simple explanation.   First, COVID forced us to navigate a 2-3-month quarantine.  Along with everyone else, we closed our doors and tried to figure out the new reality.  Second, we reduced our browsing space and tried to move to more online sales.  Third, while our online effort was working, we discovered our supply chain was trying to navigate the challenges of COVID.  Forth and finally, given all of the uncertainty, we could not commit to a lease and our landlord decided to use the building for something else.   We appreciate every single customer that has ever walked through our doors!  Over the years we have met incredible people  – and will miss you all.  As each of us sort through all of the challenges 2020 has produced, please remember we can disagree, argue and be mad at each other, but in the end, we are all Americans!   Please take care of yourself, your family and friends.  Stay healthy and stay safe.   It’s been a great ride!   The-Warehouse 🇺🇸

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